The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #85: Real Innovation Happens At the Edges

Real Innovation Happens At the EdgesReading Fred Ehrsam's article this week, "VR is a Killer App for
The Week In Bitcoin
The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #85: Real Innovation Happens At the Edges
By The Week In Bitcoin • Issue #27
Real Innovation Happens At the Edges
Reading Fred Ehrsam’s article this week, “VR is a Killer App for Blockchains”, reminded me that most innovation comes from the edges. That is, most of the really interesting stuff comes from when two technologies collide in a unique way to solve a hard problem. 
Take autonomous cars as an example. The combination of AI getting exponentially better (software) and sensors/compute (hardware) getting cheaper has allowed for self-driving cars to become a reality. It’s the edges of software and hardware coming together to solve what seemed like an unsolved problem only a few years ago.
Although I don’t necessarily think that VR will be the first killer app for blockchain tech, I do believe that it’s an enabling technology that is waiting for a ‘killer pairing’ - not app. Obviously, the harder question is what is that other 'edge’ that’s going to come together to create a vertex that’ll bring blockchain tech into the mainstream. 
— Alan Tsen, @alantsen 👊💯
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Event Notice - A Must Attend
The event is on corporate partnering for startups. I’ve helped to organise an event that includes some of Australia’s biggest financial institutions - ANZ, NAB and HESTA (superannuation fund) to speak about how they think about partnering with startups. 
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