The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #80: Being At The Bleeding Edge Sucks

Being At The Bleeding Edge SucksBlockchain tech is really still at the bleeding edge. There's still s
The Week In Bitcoin
The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #80: Being At The Bleeding Edge Sucks
By The Week In Bitcoin • Issue #22
Being At The Bleeding Edge Sucks
Blockchain tech is really still at the bleeding edge. There’s still so much to be solved in this space. Problems arise and they are generally quickly solved by teams of passionate (and mostly volunteer) developers looking to build something cool. This has in many ways characterised the last few years of life in blockchain land - a bug, an attack, a hacking, a poorly tested code base quickly followed by a patch, a fix and press release.
On top of this, most of the products in this space suck and/or lack utility (eg. Ethereum) - beyond speculation that is. It’s interesting to me that every time I do a quick survey of the blockchain landscape it becomes clear that we’re still at the edge looking out into the unchartered horizon.
Having said this, many of us are here because this is the bleeding edge of finance, it’s likely the plumbing for the next instalment of the web and it’s still so full of promise.
I hope 2017 is a year that brings more clarity to the sector - from a technical perspective, a regulatory and also a community perspective. Here’s to blockchain tech not being so close to the edge in 2017!
— Alan Tsen, @alantsen 👊💯
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