The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #77: Who's Your Oracle?

Who's Your Oracle?This week CoinDesk released their 'most influential people in Blockchain' list for
The Week In Bitcoin
The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #77: Who's Your Oracle?
By The Week In Bitcoin • Issue #19
Who’s Your Oracle?
This week CoinDesk released their ‘most influential people in Blockchain’ list for 2016. The list included many familiar names - Andreas Antonopoulos, Vitalik Buterin and Pieter Wuille. There were also some notable new inclusions - the Bitcoin Uncensored team of Chris DeRose and Junseth made it in at number 9. While in at number 1 was the DAO hacker after a reasonably fruitful year for him/her/them.
Personally, I always find lists like these in the blockchain space interesting. To me they highlight the continuous search this industry has for oracles. It seems that everyone is looking for a singular source of truth they can use as their North Star. Whether you’re a part of the 'House of Vitalik’ or believe there is only one true blockchain it’s clear that most people want to have an oracle they can call their own. However, as we’ve seen, the blockchain technology industry tends to have a habit of chewing up and then spitting out its oracle - so followers beware.
Ps. If you don’t have an oracle of your own yet this list might be a good place to start 😉
— Alan Tsen, @alantsen 👊💯
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News This Week
If you’re trying to take a broad look back at 2016 for bitcoin and blockchain, identifying the movers and shakers in the industry is a good place to start.
We’re excited to announce the release of the Blockchain Token Securities Law Framework. We’ve also created a Framework Tool as a guide for developers and users of blockchain tokens.
About 18 months have passed since the finance sector woke up, en masse, to the possibilities of permissioned blockchains, or to use the more general term, “distributed ledgers”. The period since has seen a tsunami of activity, including research reports, strategic investments, pilot projects, and the formation of many consortia.
Polychain Capital, a new hedge fund investing in bitcoin, ether and other digital assets, has garnered $10 million in investment from two marquee venture capital firms, Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures.
A thorough examination of the different types of blockchains, their capabilities, and why open blockchains in particular must be allowed room to thrive. 
Blockchain technology as a regulatory technology: From code is law to law is code
The US branch of business reporting standards body XBRL has joined ethereum startup ConsenSys to develop standards for creating blockchain-based tokens.
It’s clear the Blockchain can change a lot of things — but what will they be exactly, and how will it happen? 
In a new world of smart contracts, many expect that formal written contracts, and the lawyers that draft them, will be obsolete.
In countless conversations with creators, artists, and media executives across photography, music, publishing, TV and film, it’s clear that the media industry is destined to make the same mistake in…
DeepMind is using technology “related to blockchain” in an effort to become more transparent in the way it handles patient data in a tie-up with NHS health.
We’ve all heard stories about people losing (some of) their coins by having their exchange account hacked. I’m not a security expert, and I don’t claim to be one. 
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