The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #71: Where To Next?

Where To Next?Late last week DCG held a Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech Summit for their portfolio compan
The Week In Bitcoin
The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #71: Where To Next?
By The Week In Bitcoin • Issue #13
Where To Next?
Late last week DCG held a Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech Summit for their portfolio companies. At the summit Barry Silbert presented what he sees as the major trends for the industry in 2017. It’s definitely worth checking the presentation out for more details regarding what DCG are up to (you can find it HERE or by clicking the image below). 
Do you agree with his predictions? Any stand out as being highly unlikely to be true in 2017 (or beyond)? Ping us on Twitter with your views. We’re @weekinbitcoin.
— Alan Tsen, @alantsen 👊💯
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DCG's predictions for 2017. What do you think?
DCG's predictions for 2017. What do you think?
News This Week
Expect 2017 to be a very good year for Bitcoin’s price, according to prominent Bitcoin investor Barry Silbert, who shared 10 predictions for 2017.
According to Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam, the technology behind Bitcoin could create decentralized businesses unlike anything we’ve seen before it.
True confidentiality is crucial to the success of digital cash.
Last Friday saw the launch of Zcash, a new public blockchain and associated cryptocurrency that attracted a lot of attention. By now, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, so any budding young entrant needs a serious differentiator to rise above the fray. In the case of Zcash, this is easy – Zcash users can send money to each other in absolute privacy.
The new cryptocurrency allows users to selectively disclose information about their transactions to authorized parties without exposing it to the world. That feature could make blockchains more appealing to financial institutions, but maybe less so for regulators.
Stream Episode 1: Empowering Creativity with Technology by BlockChannel
This is a follow up on my previous post on Tokens and Crowdsales. If you are new to the subject, I recommend reading it first.
We’ve now seen several multi-million dollar crowdfundings done on a blockchain. Projects are raising money through the token model: selling the native token needed to use their corresponding networks (Ethereum’s ether, Augur’s Rep, IPFS’ Filecoin, and others).
Every segment of insurance is under competition by entrepreneurs touting new ways to underprice risk, creating new types of premiums and servicing consumers..
ABA Banking Journal, the American Bankers Association’s flagship magazine, provides insights on critical business and policy challenges and trends to help banking leaders succeed in the competitive financial services market.
Legaltech is awash in buzz terms these days, and “smart contract” appears very near the crest of the legaltech hype wave. The reason is obvious enough: everyone knows that lawyers are the ones who draft contracts, so surely the law biz needs to pay attention when contracts get “smart.” 
Initial coin offerings (ICOs) and appcoins are a hot topic in the blockchain community these days. Forward-thinking investors have thrown their support behind the movement, thought leaders have proclaimed that ICOs are turning the traditional venture capital model on its head, and bitcoin industry veterans have launched hedge funds to invest in blockchain tokens.
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