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The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #100 🎉 🎊 Ghostface Killah Drops An...ICO, More Fork Action, Fidelity Mines Some Coins & More

The Week In Bitcoin
The Week In Bitcoin - Issue #100 🎉 🎊 Ghostface Killah Drops An...ICO, More Fork Action, Fidelity Mines Some Coins & More
By Alan Tsen • Issue #100 • View online
Yes, I’ve hit 100 issues of The Week In Bitcoin! Although not all of you have been along for the ride over the last two year 😮, I wanted to start this issue by saying thanks for reading my nonsense each week. Merci beaucoup 🙌
Ok, now back to the news…
👻 😵 This week marks a sad week for me 😔 One of my fav rappers of all time has decided to drop an ICO. Yep, Ghostface Killah, has decided to join the ever-growing list of celebs who have decided to spruik an ICO. What makes it worse is the name of the entity running the issuance - CREAM Capital (Crypto Rules Everything Around Me). So sad. 
🍴More forking in Bitcoin. Not sure where to even start with this one. Damn, minners … I mean core devs…I mean users… it’s someone’s fault and it’s going to ruin bitcoin [for my American readers, this is sarcasm]. 
🏦 Also, Fidelity (yes, that Fidelity) has apparently been mining bitcoin and Eth to ‘learn about them’. Yep, that sounds about right. Now I’m just waiting for the mining CDOs issued by Fidelity to drop… via an ICO. 
Again, thanks for the support and the emotional energy you expend each week reading these intros. 
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Alan Tsen 👊💯
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