Issue 59: We're Back 🎉

We're Back!Welcome to the new look The Week In Bitcoin. After a few months off (and a platform change
The Week In Bitcoin
Issue 59: We're Back 🎉
By The Week In Bitcoin • Issue #1
We’re Back!
Welcome to the new look The Week In Bitcoin. After a few months off (and a platform change) we’re back and ready to roll. 
Since the last issue, a lot has happened in the world of Bitcoin and blockchain tech - the DAO ‘hack’, the Ethereum fork/bailout and more corporates joining the 'block party’.
Also, many things have stayed the same - like Bitcoin’s blocksize. 
Although, I’d love to dig into all the above topics in more detail I’m going to keep this week’s comments brief. 
For this issue, I’ve curated the best pieces on the DAO hack, Ethereum’s long and painful hard fork, the current state of Bitcoin and corporate entries into the land of chains. It’s worth noting that some of the articles are a little on the older side - but I think they’re still relevant in the context of issues they cover.
Enjoy and see you next week 👊💯
— Alan Tsen, @alantsen
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News This Week
Here’s one way to think about the differences between the Internet and the Blockchain.
Bitfinex Exchange To Resume Bitcoin Trading Today
Bitfinex has announced it will resume trading and withdrawals just over a week after it was robbed of more than $60m in bitcoin.
The California senator writing the state’s ‘BitLicense’ bill has scrapped the idea of a license altogether in favor of a new organisation.
R3 Tackles Trade Financing Challenges With Distributed Ledger Technology
R3 tackles trade financing challenges with distributed ledger technology using their Corda platform. The platform facilitates invoice financing and letter of credit transactions. It is currently in trials with over 15 banks.
In this position paper, we consider some foundational topics regarding smart contracts (such as terminology, automation, enforceability, and semantics) and define a smart contract as an agreement whose execution is both automatable and enforceable. 
How Now Brown DAO
TL;DR - there’s a thing called The DAO, and it’s almost irredeemably broken. In many, many ways. 
The DAO was just hacked and a few million ether is missing. Here are my quick thoughts on what this means and where we go from here.
Mother Forker
Ethereum Classic & Ethereum Charts, Data, Price, Market Cap, Hashrate
Comparison data on the ETC/ETH - just in case you want to see how they’re tracking against each other.
In the fallout of the recent disaster known as The DAO, the Ethereum community is trying to figure out how to properly rectify the situation.
I respect Ethereum’s Classic philosophical position, in fact I was among the first to be publically against the hard fork…
Bitcoin Chugs Along
With segwit getting close to its initial testnet release in Bitcoin Core v0.13.0 - expected to be followed soon by a mainnet release in Bitcoin Core v0.13.1 - I thought it’d be a good idea to go over work being done on a potential hard-fork to follow it, should the Bitcoin community decide to accept the segwit proposal.
Bitcoin mining nodes and full nodes incur costs for the resources used to support the bitcoin network and the blockchain. As the scale of bitcoin increases, so does the cost of resources (CPU, network bandwidth, disk space, memory).
It's A Corporate Block Party
Australia's Postal Service Tests Blockchain Identity
Australia’s state-owned postal service is now considering several blockchain applications.
'Big Four' Accounting Firms Meet to Consider Blockchain Consortium
‘Big Four’ accounting firms Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and PwC are meeting with others to discuss possibly forming a blockchain accounting consortium.
Some Videos Worth Watching
[Video] Fred Wilson Talks About Dumb Money And Blockchains
Fred Wilson talks chains and corporate venturing in this interview from CB Insight’s Fintech conference. 
Building decentralised applications - a reality check. Casey Kuhlman (ERIS), Rouven Heck (ConsenSys), Yann Ranchere (Anthemis) Moderated by Aaron Ricadela (Bloomberg).
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